The Maldonado Family


To My Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

When Hurricane Harvey struck our wonderful state millions of families were left without a home. My family's home for sixteen years received damages that brought tears to my eyes. Sixteen years I spent raising my four boys in that home. A home that we have so many wonderful memories in.

Thank you all for choosing us. Thank you for the love and support for my family. Those who have stepped up to help with the gutting of our home, to the wonderful people that assisted with monetary donations and those who were there to lend an ear to listen when I needed to talk or cry. The tears of pain and sorrow have now changed to tears of joy due to the kindness I have received.

This experience continues to show me the goodness of God through the selfless acts of those who worship His Son Jesus Christ.

Again, thank you all for choosing my family to assist a family who now can rebuild our home to have many more memories to share.


Damacia Maldonado