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Helping to rebuild and bring relief
to our neighborhoods after #Harvey.


Not only Houston, but the surrounding areas were hit extremely hard by flood waters from rain, rivers, and reservoirs. It is going to take a lot of support through finances, supplies, and volunteers to rebuild our city and county. As you scroll through this website, anyone-- no matter how near or far,  can find a way to take part in being a blessing to our area.

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To help, text to give: 84321

Keep scrolling to learn how to donate tangible items or volunteer your time.

What can I do to help Harvey victims in Fort Bend?

  1. Pray for Richmond, Houston, and Surrounding Greater Houston Areas.
  2. Volunteer on one of our Demo Teams during our community relief & rebuild efforts.
  3. Give. We need around $25,000+ to help streamline the needs around our community. And that’s just the start. Please give financially here.

Where is the POD?

Our POD fulfilled our short term need in our community. If you are looking to donate items, we suggest these three locations:

Faith UMC


River's Edge Barn


Attack Poverty


We are no longer accepting tangible donations at this time, such as cleaning supplies and household items.

How do I volunteer?

You can help by volunteering on a Demo Team. To sign up for demo, please email help@thegrovechurch.net or check our Facebook page for updates. 

Who is hosting #FORTHEBEND?

#FORTHEBEND was started by The Grove Church, but Fort Bend and Richmond Locals of all stripes are part of the effort.

How can I access relief & rebuild supplies as they are available?

Go to one of the 3 locations we have previously mentioned above. 

Can I get someone to pray with or for me?

Yes. Contact us through our Facebook page, and we will contact you soon and pray with and for you.

What do I do if my friend/neighbor needs help?

E-mail your need to help@thegrovechurch.net, and we will work to match up that need with a resource as quickly as possible.

My house is flooded. What do I do next?

E-mail us at help@thegrovechurch.net so we can help you. Additionally, download this document detailing immediate steps to take in a personal flooding situation.

We're in this for the long haul beyond the immediate relief to help rebuild and restore lives.
One hundred percent of your financial contributions to our flood relief fund
will go towards that specific effort in our church, community, and county.