The Edwards Family


The Edwards6 had always lived a different “normal” from everyone
else, from military life to military deployments to having 4 children to
embracing being a special needs family, the had always marched to their
own beat. They have handled every obstacle placed in their path with
faith and perseverance; they were unshakable. Until, August 27, when
Hurricane Harvey hit South Texas and they had to evacuate their home.

"August 27 began our Hurricane Harvey journey and the Edwards slogan
was born – WE ARE GOING TO BE OK. As a mother, as a wife, I was
terrified. I was having to make split second decisions on my own. You
see, Rusty is a Police Officer with Houston Police Department so he was
gone protecting the citizens of Houston. It was my job to protect our
tiny humans. And then it hit, those words that make your heart sink.
“I’m sorry Allison, but your home is flooded dear”. This didn’t break us,
but it surely bent us.

But the uplifting piece during all this is that we were not alone, even
when it felt that way. We had friends, family, churches, neighbors,
everyone rallied around us and helped us in the way that they could.
Be it pulling out sheetrock or washing clothes or cooking meals, we
were surrounded by the hands and feet of Jesus. And with that, it
reminded us, WE ARE GOING TO BE OK!

I can safely say that this has been the toughest season ever for our little
family of 6. The contents of our house flooded and that can all be
replaced, but the stability of what our home stood for was suffering
and hard to find. We shuffled from family homes to hotel rooms with
everyone offering to open their arms and homes to us, but our

sanctuary, our peace, our place where the Edwards 6 reconnects was
not whole and we were struggling. But here we are, 9 weeks post
Hurricane Harvey and I am happy to say that WE ARE OK!!!

Pioneer Drive is whole again and we are happily living in our home
again! We still have some “putting back together” to do but all in all,
we are well and we are more than ok, WE ARE GREAT!!

Thank you just doesn’t seem enough. We are forever grateful to
everyone who came together to help us, for the phone callS, the meals,
the fundraising efforts, the errand running, for all the stuff. We are
forever grateful to each and every one of you.

……the wise family built their house on the rock. The rain came down,
the streams rose and the winds blew and beat against that house yet it
did not fall because it had its foundation on THE ROCK."

Matthew 7:24-25