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Helping to rebuild and bring relief
to our neighborhoods after #Harvey.


Not only Houston, but the surrounding areas were hit extremely hard by flood waters from rain, rivers, and reservoirs. It is going to take a lot of support through finances, supplies, and volunteers to rebuild our city and county. As you scroll through this website, anyone-- no matter how near or far,  can find a way to take part in being a blessing to our area.

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To help, text to give: 84321

We're in this for the long haul beyond the immediate relief to help rebuild and restore lives.
One hundred percent of your financial contributions to our flood relief fund
will go towards that specific effort in our church, community, and county. 


Below are real stories of real people that we have encountered, and your support has helped.
Below are people who have homes that needed restoration, and who's souls needed relief.
Below are stories. Stories of suffering. Stories of restoration and relief. 


The Edwards Family

The Edwards6 has always lived a different “normal” from everyone else, from military life to military deployments to having 4 children to embracing being a special needs family, we have always marched to our own beat. We have handled every obstacle placed in our path with faith and perseverance; we were unshakable. Until, August 27, when Hurricane Harvey hit South Texas and we had to evacuate our home. Read More >>


The Mills Family

Words Cannot describe the feeling of having to leave your home and not knowing what to expect upon your return. Luckily, with the help of others, we are slowly starting to mend.

This generous gift will be used for our continued repairs as we had no flood insurance. It is only with the support of others that we have been able to get this far. God is good. Read More >>


The Maldonado Family

When Hurricane Harvey struck our wonderful state millions of families were left without a home. My family's home for sixteen years received damages that brought tears to my eyes. Sixteen years I spent raising my four boys in that home... Read more >>


The Bealo Family

I can not say thank you enough to the people that donated to the church to help us as a victim of hurricane Harvey and that god will replenish them for all their support and meet them at their time of need... Read More >>


The Jennings Family

I was very overwhelmed with joy when you came to help my family. We will always be grateful for your help and for your kindness in our time of need. We sincerely wanted to thank you all for your kindness, help and encouragement... Read more >>